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Guide Trips: What to Expect

Planning your trip:

Riverside Fly Shop specializes in getting people on the water to fish for Rainbow Trout below Lewis Smith Dam on the Sipsey Fork of the Warrior River. This unique fishery is made available due to the river being fed by cold water from the depths of Lewis Smith Lake. The Lewis Smith Dam is a power generating dam and water is released from the dam to generate electricity. This generation raises the water level and renders the river unwade-able, so we plan our fishing around the generation schedule. In planning trips Riverside Fly Shop will pencil in your requested trip as soon as you are ready with a date. However, due to the possibility of generation, confirmation can only be made three days before the trip. Alabama Power publishes a schedule for planned generation three days in advance, though the schedule is always subject to change without notice. Should the schedule change unexpectedly, so that water is being generated rendering the river unwade-able, trips can be rescheduled or a warm-water fishing excursion in a nearby creek or lake may also be substituted.

What will we do?:

After booking your trip and getting confirmation, we will meet at Riverside Fly Shop at the designated time. We will gear up and head out to the river. Our Guides will make you feel like an old friend as they show you the ropes. Wading is the preferred method of fishing. Walking out into the water really connects you to the fishing. Trips are low pressure affairs focused on imparting knowledge about the fishery and the fishing, hopefully catching a few fish along the way. Our guides can take you from never having held a fly rod to making “fishable” casts in a very short time. If you are an experienced fly fisherman allow our guides to introduce you to this water and the techniques that catch fish here. 

What do I need?:

Riverside Fly Shop can provide all equipment for your trip: waders, boots, rod, reel, and flies. You must provide your fishing license. You may want to wear “drab” colored clothing, a hat and polarized sun glasses. Sunscreen and insect repellent are handy items to have as well.

If you have any special requests or needs, please let us know when scheduling your trip. Currently, the terrain to access the river is varied, please inform us of any physical limitations that may hinder your ability to walk a mile on uneven terrain or climb up an incline, so that accommodations can be made.

We look forward to sharing some time on the water with you!

Give us a call and schedule your trip or class today or go to our home page and start now with our easy to use the appointment or class request form by clicking here.

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