We rent NuCanoe Kayaks (sit on top) for floating and fishing on the Sipsey Fork.


  • No Boats are allowed above the Pumping Station (2 miles upstream of Hwy 69 Bridge).
  • PFD must be worn at all times
  • NO Alcohol
  • Boats must be returned in the Condition rented

Enjoy a day of paddling the cold waters below Smith Lake Dam with 2 options.

Option 1:
Paddle out and paddle back

Launch behind the shop and paddle the Upper Sipsey Fork, Mill Creek, and Boyd Creek then return the boats to the launch when you are done with your adventure. 

How long is the paddle? Boats need to be returned around 5pm. 

We provide the boat, paddle and lifejacket.

Option 2: 
One Way Paddle

Launch behind the shop and paddle 11 miles downstream to the Sipsey Boat Launch.

This is a one-way paddle.

How long is the paddle? The answer is, “It Depends”

With Generation:

The currents from Smith Lake Dam while generating move at around 3-5 mph. You need to be aware of the dangers of faster current and keep the kayak away from the edges of the river to avoid obstructions. The water rises and helps push the kayak downstream. This allows for less paddling and a faster float from the put in to the take out. There is no whitewater. When your trip is complete, give us a call and we will shuttle you back to the shop. 

Without Generation:

There is little current without generation. Thus, the duration of the float is dependent upon how quickly you are able to paddle 11 miles without the aid of current. We recommend planning for at least 7-9 hours of paddling. We have had clients make the trip much faster (2.5 hours), but we have had some who take a little bit longer (12 hours). It is truly dependent on you and your paddle. There is an increasingly scaled late fee for returning after 6 pm due to declining visibility and an increase in danger caused by nightly cold water-dense fog.

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