What Customers Say

What Customers Say!

Cecil and I had a great time today. Thank you for your patience in teaching us. You can send the pictures to this address. For the Kayak/canoe rental to float down the river, how many passengers can fit in your kayak/canoe? I want to plan a trip for my wife and our three oldest kids to come up and float down. 


Thanks a bunch, Brandon. Even if we like to have been frozen stiff the last week in May, we still enjoyed the trip.  It may be hard to get Gary to East Tennessee again.


Great Pics from a great trip. We will use you again in the future. I will keep you in mind as we get requests from our special kids. These kids are God’s gifts for use to enjoy and make happy for the short time they get to share their lives with us while in this old world.  They are the ones whose lives will be cut short. I feel that God put me in this ministry for a reason and I am honored he did. I just strive to hopefully please God with the activities I set up for his kids that he loaned us. With each kid where I was present when they drew their last breath on this earth, well, each one looked so relaxed,  each one looked happy and now each one is in the presence of GOD!! We strive to meet both their physical and spiritual needs. Thanks


This is Bill Maily. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting and fishing with you and your guide service. I will make plans in the future to use your services again. When do you think you will have time to email the pictures you took on our adventure? I look forward to seeing what you have so I can put them in my book of memories!! Thanks again

Bill Maily

Please forgive me for taking so long to do so, but I wanted to drop a line and express my sincere appreciation for guiding us on a great trip on Tuesday.  Thank you for your patience and knowledge of the area.  It was the highlight of my Spring Break and trust me when I say, it will not be the last time you see me/us.  I greatly appreciate you helping Holly with her casting–I think she is hooked (pun intended) and offering me advice as well.  I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it. Best of luck with the shop—I know I will be referring people any opportunity I can and more importantly, good luck with your more important role—that as a minister.  Know you are in our prayers. Look forward to the next time we see you. God Bless.

B___ and H_ A___

Had a great time on the water today. I Will def be coming back. Wanted to see if you could send me the pics that you took of our fish. Not a rush at all, just when u have a free moment.


I’m hooked.  It was a great time and I’m telling all of my friends.


Thanks so much for the pics. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and plan on making it back up your way every chance we get. I wish we would have done a bit more wading, but both of us do need to practice our casting – which we will be doing. We’ll probably take you up on that “refresher” course next time we’re up. Thanks again for a great day on the Sipsey!


I enjoyed this morning.  Let me know what availability you have to guide my wife and I either this weekend or two weekends from now.  As I thought, she’s eager to come out.  Thanks again for a fun morning.

Jamey Harris

Dr. C. W. and I really enjoyed our visit with you, your Daughters and your Dad at Riverside Fly Shop.  C. has been telling me for a long time about your Fly Fishing Shop & operation there and so it was fun driving up and seeing it first-hand.  We’re already planning a return visit soon.

Bev Leigh

J. and I would like to thank you again for a great day of learning and fishing. Jackson is very excited about starting school in Tuscaloosa and is very much interested in continuing to learn to fly fish.  I suspect he will become a “frequent flier” with Riverside Fly Shop.  Before he gets to Tuscaloosa, I would like to have a discussion about setting up an account for him to use.


Oh my, what a wonderful trip. You guys were great. MC was exactly. The weather was perfect. The fishing was unbelievable. So much fun. We left Sunday morning and were able to join our online Sunday School class on the way home. What an awesome time we live in. We will be back very soon. Thank you for a great clean place to stay.

Kerry Stover