Fly Tying Bench Vises

Fly Tying Bench Vises

Why do we recommend and sell the following fly tying bench vises… Because the are some of the best made in the  USA  vises…

The Bulldog of Bench Vises

Long considered ‘the bulldog of tying bench vises’, all Regal vises exemplify great hook-holding power and simplicity! Each Regal fly tying vise is American-made from the highest quality materials.


Dyna-King Vises

Dyna-King is family owned and operated for over 30 years. Three generations of  family work together to ensure that every Dyna-King product is produced with the greatest attention to quality and precision craftsmanship.

We recognize that tying your own flies on a well-made vise creates the same satisfaction and excitement as that enjoyed when using the final result of your creativity. Casting that same fly out on your favorite stream, watching it float, then feeling the strike of a two pound cutthroat – incredible!

Dyna-King Vises are a quality beginning to a wonderful journey through the art of fly fishing.

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