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The Best Reels on the Market

We recommend and sell the best of fly fishing reels on the market.. We have a reel that will fit your style of fishing as well as your budget.

The Echo Ion Reels are the best fly fishing reels we have seen in the less than $100 category. They are a hybrid design, in that Echo Reelsthey are injection molded cast aluminum, then they are machined to very exacting tolerances. This operation gives many of the benefits associated with reels that are machined from bar-stock, but with a huge reduction in manufacturing costs. This results in massive savings to the consumer (you).

These reels contain ball bearings and a cork disc drag system, all of which are encapsulated in a waterproof carrier. The drag is smooth and fully adjustable. The reels are pained matte black. Internal parts are stainless steel.

Waterworks-Lamson is unique among fly fishing companies. They are not a machine shop selling reels, they are not a marketing company importing products from overseas. Their focus is exclusively on fly fishing products, their expertise and experience is The Waterworks Lamsonin product design, and they are committed to the highest standards of domestic manufacturing.  Their products uniquely reflect their drive for superior design. For us as Trout’s, this means they embody what all fly fishing companies should; true innovation and meaningful improvement. You won’t see them marketing “just another fly reel” or a “me-too” accessory. If they can’t do it better, they won’t do it at all.


Galvan Fly Reels are the result of 20 years of dedicate design and innovation. More than that, they are part of an ongoing tradition of family-run business, American-made products, and time-honored craftsmanship built into every reel they make. The industry has changed a lot in their time, but its what hasn’t changed that makes Galvan who they are.

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